Introduction Edit

Seranism is a religion followed by both species of the Iquhaya, the Ralven and Ghora. The leader of the faith is an individual known as the "Eternal One", who also fills the role as the leader of the Iquhayan government. The current Vhaldma, Ghuran Fiyut'ama, is responsible for the outbreak of the Iquhayan insurgency because of his orders to destroy anyone not following the faith.

Beliefs Edit

Seranists believe that somewhere in the universe, there is a being which is responsible for seeding the universe with life. This being, known as Fh'utuma, placed life on millions of worlds, and then let the lifeforms fend for themselves, and whichever species would be the last to remain, would one day be granted godlike powers such as those posessed by Fh'utuma. The primary purpose of the Iquhaya is to be the strongest beings in the galaxy, and eventually the universe. The Ralven, the backbone of the Iquhaya, enslaved the entire Ghoran race, and forcibly converted the population else they be executed. The Ghora were convinced that they had fallen and had no chance of redemption, and that they could potentially join the Ralven in unison if they cooperated with the Ralven.

Religious Genocide Edit

As soon as the Iquhayan union was formed, the Iquhaya began seeping into the galaxy destroying many empires and glassing many worlds. In total, about 12 species went extinct because of the Iquhayans until they came across Humans and Fludiens. The Iquhayans did as they did many times before. Invade, destroy, and if possible, convert the population. However, they found that the Fludiens and Humans were much more technologically advanced than the other species wiped out by the Iquhayans, making the war more difficult. Human military was incredibly effective at destroying Iquhayan military forces, forcing new innovative designs and strategies to be used, which were eventually foiled as well. Eventually, the Human and Fludien forces began to push back on the Iquhayans, and began to capture land back. Once all the land owned by both empires was regained, the Humans and Fludiens both began committing invasions of their own on Iquhayan worlds, and glassing them into a charred desert. The Iquhayans were now on the defencive, but were still losing. World after world fell to the Human-Fludien alliance, and after 136 Iquhayan worlds fell, the Ralven homeworld, Shala was discovered by the Humans. The entirety of what remained of the Iquhayan military was sent back to protect Shala. After one of the largest battles ever recorded in galactic history, the Iquhayan military was completely and utterly destroyed. There was a massive debate of what to do with the population on the planet, some supported throwing the planet into their star and completely destroying the threat, while others were supportive of giving the Iquhayans a surviving chance. The Iquhayan union was destroyed, leaving the shattered and broken Ralven to fend for themselves, and the Ghora were freed. The ghora, however, did not join the Humans and Fludiens and remained spiteful of them.

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