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Jilian is the major colony world in the Enochus system. The planet is largely composed of silicates (67%), and about 22% of the planet is composed of an iron-nickel core (The remaining factors make up atmospheric mass and imported life forms). The planet was first colonized in 2236 after a research vessel found the planet to be a suitable place for colonization. In 2332, an Iquhayan invasion force was spotted heading towards the system. When they had arrived, all available military and civilian crews were put to the task of defending the planet. At the time, Jilian had only a population of about 24,000,000 making the defence force rather small. The Iquhayans were caught in a knot, however. They had not expected civilians to assist the military in fighting the invaders. Miners from the systems rich asteroid belt quietly descended onto the Iquhayan destroyers and drilled holes, sucking the atmosphere from within the ship. After the remains of the invasion force had fled, a massive ring of debris remained around Jilian, and Jilians twin planet, Remnus. Today, Jilian is one of the largest mining hubs in human-controlled space, as well as a hub for tourists seeking to visit Jargon.

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Colonization Edit

In 2236, an Infinity-Class frigate entered the system in order to study its potential use for materials or possible colonization efforts. When Jilian was first observed, the climate was still slightly too warm for comfort, and the atmosphere was too thin for oxygen, but within only 3 years the planet had cooled down and the oxygen levels had risen to near-earth levels. While the first colony had been laid out three years prior, colonists had avoided moving due to the higher temperature. In 2239, the first colonist ship had arrived with over 30,000 colonists seeking to leave the overpopulated Earth behind. Within a matter of two years, a massive platinum vein was discovered near the planets southern pole which had recently began accumulating ice deposits. A massive mining operation had begun to extract all the ore before the south pole had become covered in ice. By 2245, all the ore was extracted, and only a year later the glacial ice had overtaken the mine. In total, the platinum deposit had more platinum than humans had ever mined previous to the discovery.

Development Edit

By 2250, over twenty years after the first colonists had arrived, the planet had already over 3,000,000 inhabitants, primarily of European descent. Major cities had sprung up, but the capital city remained the first colony that was created 24 years before, now called New Berlin. While much of the world had yet to be inhabited, forest growth had exploded, covering much of the once barren land.