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The Iquhaya are a league formed by the Ralven and Ghora species. Their main belief system is Seranism, and most Ghora serve as slaves for the Ralven. The Iquhayan vigorously enforced Seranism through their conquests and killed many different sentient species entirely due to lack of belief. When the Iquhayan encountered Humans and Fludiens, they were brought into a long and drawn out war which ended in defeat. The Ralven were forced into a quarantined zone inside Shala, while the Ghora were freed from slavery. The whereabouts of the Ghora species are unknown, but it is known that they fled to the Large Magellanic Cloud.

History Edit

The exact date of the union remains unknown, but it is believed to be between years 2100 and 2200. Due to the vigorous enforcement of survival of the fittest belief brought on by Seranism, the Ralven tended to be very warlike, and brought many species to extinction. When the Ghora were found, they only fought for a small period, then began to follow the belief. The remainder of the Ghora population seemed to join the religion, and the Ralven took advantage of it. The Ghora were forced into slavery, and the Ralven continued on their genocidal campaign for galactic control. They formed a Union known as the Iquhaya soon after, but the Ralven had complete control over the government.

In 2334, the Fludien were found by the Iquhaya which prompted frequent attacks by the Iquhaya. The Fludiens were much more advanced than the other species encountered, which mostly had only settled within their own systems. The Iquhayans had achieved much success in their campaign, however, until Humans arrived. Fludiens had long since abandoned having a military, since Humans seemed to be much more adept and warlike than they had. The Human-Fludien alliance had brought many troubles to the Iquhayan, the main problem being that Humans had defeated the Iquhayan in every armed conflict in the war. The Iquhayans main tactic was to intimidate with massive battleships which could completely surround a planet. While initially this worked, the Humans used small, agile spacecraft which were near impossible to track, and had the firepower of an army. When the Fludien world of Tala' Shaguu was surrounded, they were met with heavy resistance from these human craft. In the end, nearly all of the dreadnaughts were destroyed, and only about 100 human craft were destroyed. The Iquhayan designed their own model in order to compete with the Humans, but near instantly, the Humans found a way to easily destroy these models. Eventually, the war had been so disasterous that the Iquhayan were on the retreat. Worlds once held by Ralven were now being glassed to a charred sphere with no life. Finally, the Iquhayan world of Shala was discovered by humans. A massive battle took place over the planet. Unlike most battles, the Humans had lost a sizeable number of their military. The Humans had beaten the remainder of the Iquhayan military. The Planet of Shala was not glassed, however. They were given a choice. Remain on Shala and free the Ghora, or the planet would be thrown into the sun and the Ralven go extinct.

The Iquhayan union was disbanded with the agreeing of the Human's terms, and the Ghora left for the Large Magellanic Cloud soon after. The Ralven were not heard from again until 2788, when a remnant was found in the Drift Dimension. After salvaging a destroyed human dreadnaught, the Ralven reverse-engineered the Warp Drive to hopefully escape the quarantine. Nearly 12 dreadnaughts holding almost 100,000 Ralven each was loaded up, and the Ralven entered the Drift Dimension. However, the Warp Drives were defected, and all 1,200,000 Ralven were stranded in the Drift Dimension. They settled on a lifeless world and began to explode in population. By 2500, the population had reached over 12 billion due to the high birth count, and they continued to expand into the drift dimension. When the Humans discovered the Ralven in 2788, the population was over 23 billion, and almost 1 billion were enlisted in the military. The technology possessed by the Ralven was equal to Humans, and the population had been infuriated at their defeat 400 years before. The Humans had also had issues with the Hivemind which the Ralven had learned to tame and defeat if necessary.

When the Humans discovered the Ralven remnant in the Drift Dimension, it was only a small spacecraft exploring the Drift Dimension in an attempt to escape a Hivemind infestation. The craft was attacked soon after contact, but escaped much to the spite of the Ralven. An armada of Human spacecraft appeared only weeks after this new contact, and the Ralven were successful in destroying most of the fleet before the human fleet fled. The Iquhayan fleet returned to the long abandoned universe. They warped into the old system around Shala, where they broke the quarantine and gained more soldiers. They spread to other systems prompting evacuation efforts by both Humans and Fludiens. The world of Notaria was glassed by the Ralven during this invasion. The invasion was ground to a halt when the Ralven attempted to attack Tuhot Fle'modd. While initially they had succeeded in entering the system, a massive human fleet was present and they were shut down very quickly by the Human force. The remnants of the group fled to Shala. Only days after the Humans halted the advance, a massive human fleet surrounded Shala. While a resistance was set up, it was slammed down within hours, and the humans began glassing the planet. Within hours, the Ralven homeworld was completely glassed. The Ralven were sent off to another world, and had all technology stripped away. All knowledge posessed by the Ralven was destroyed, and the Ralven were reverted to the stone age.

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