Introduction Edit

Earth is the homeworld for Humanity, and is their most populated world, housing a population of 25,645,242,675. It is also the sight for many of the galaxies most important debates and bureaucratic discussions. It is located in the Sol System, where it is closely guarded by a fleet capable of wiping entire races out.

Human History on Earth Edit

Humans had long lived as simple-minded yet surprisingly intelligent lifeforms on earth, capable of using stone tools to hunt and forage for food. However, around 8,000 BCE, the first humans had begun farming and had learned the skills of agriculture. This led human civilization rising from the deserts of Mesopotamia. Babylon, Sumer, and many more civilizations had sprung up, all with basic language and writing. All across Africa, Asia, and Europe, larger and larger civilizations had rose and fallen soon after. In 285 BC, the Roman Empire was founded on the southern part of Europe, known as Italy. The Romans led a massive conquest, creating the largest empire seen until that time. With such an expanse of territory under their rule led to many different cultural differences. The Roman empire was also the first example of government similar to what is used in modern times. Due to internal conflict and massive barbarian invasions, the roman empire collapsed in 476 AD, but a split off of the empire lasted until 1453. From the fall of the empire until the 1400's, human culture had med a major decline, and in the 1300's, was faced with a massive plague which killed off nearly 20% of the human population.

Once the plague had receded, humans had met a massive surge of innovation and cultural expansion. Massive empires such as Spain, France, and the United Kingdom rose up from being small empires to global powers, soon occupying the once unknown region now known as the Americas. in July of 1776, a territory of the United Kindgom broke away and formed a new country, known as the United States. Although small at the time, the United States would rise to become a global power by the 1900's. Much of the current government is based off of the government used by the United States. After fighting two massive wars, the United States developed the Atomic Bomb, technology still used today (albeit improved). As time went on, Humans had become ever closer to reaching the carrying capacity of earth, and had begun putting strain on the planet. the USSR and the US had started competing to reach the depths of space, starting with the USSR sending the first human into space. The US responded by sending the first humans to the moon. In 2137, Humans had began colonizing Mars, taking the pressure put on Earth away. For the next few centuries, humans had continued to expand through the galaxy with Earth as their capital planet.

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