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This is a wiki for everything pertaining to my worldbuilding project, Andoverse! You may also see it called "Caffeine Induced Writing". Many of the pages related to planetary systems and planets will display images received through Space Engine. The systems are documented exactly as they are found in Space Engine, minus the details that are not generated in the program.

Timeline Edit

Year of Event Event
2018 NASA, SpaceX both simultaneously funded by government. Humans begin to research methods of leaving the Earth and reaching for a second home.
2032 Terraforming of Mars begins, expected to take about 200 years, but could be habitable within 150.
2134 Mars completely habitable, astonishing scientists how much less time it took to terraform.
2156 Warp Drive accidentally invented in an attempt to develop a more efficient generator. A nail was teleported about 100 feet away using the first model.
2176 Using a much larger Warp Drive, humans left the solar system for the first time, traveling to the GLIESE 581 system in only a few minutes.
2177 GLIESE 581-c planet begins colonization, Earth is relieved of its overpopulation. GLIESE 581-c is named “Minerva”.
2235 Humanity controls 100 planets in 67 systems. Most planets remain largely uninhabited, but Minerva has grown to over 300,000,000 inhabitants.
2320 Humanity makes contact with its first interstellar empire, the crab-like Fludien. Both make contact peacefully and almost immediately establish diplomatic relations.
2334 Fludiens attacked by radical monotheistic group known as Iquhaya. Humanity is put through their first interstellar war. Human military and civilian groups cooperate effectively in ruining Iquhayan military tactics
2335 Humans have annihilated Iquhayan invasion forces, and now begin moving to glass Iquhayan worlds. While invading a major world, Humans encounter more species all helping the effort of removing the Iquhayan empire.
2336 Iquhayan homeworld discovered, massive invasion and assault begins, ending in the complete destruction of the empire. The Iquhaya are allowed to live, but a tight quarantine is put around the system, and the Iquhaya are not allowed to leave their system
2337 Humans encounter the Hyunara after searching for Iquhayan remnants. Hyunarans were once the victims of an Iquhayan genocide, but a large portion of the population escaped just before the last world fell. Hyunarans become allied soon after.
2546 Humans, Fludiens, and Hyunaran enter golden age
2547 Humans and some Fludiens start the Vitae Projects, an attempt to create lifeforms completely from scratch. Most lifeforms succeed and are seeded into the world of Novus.
2665 Nearly 500 years after the discovery of the Warp Drive, it is discovered that one can remain in stasis under certain circumstances. The newly found dimension is named the Drift Dimension.
2786 Life is found within the Drift Dimension. Life found here is some of the most hellish life forms ever observed including the Hivemind.
2787 The Hivemind escape the Drift Dimension on board a Human research vessel, and begin tearing the galaxy apart taking over hundreds of worlds and spreading rapidly. The first world to fall is the Human world of Athens Prime. The Golden age for Humans, Fludiens, and Hyunarans has ended.
2788 While finding the source of the Hivemind to hopefully eradicate the infestation, a remnant of the Iquhayan is discovered hiding in the Drift Dimension. This new group, referred to as the Rebirth of the Ralven. This new group is found to be much more advanced than the previous Iquhayan empire and much more powerful. They also have a motive to destroy the Humans and Fludiens.
2821 Saturns Key discovered, unveiling the ability to create matter from scratch, and the birth of the local galactic cluster.

To Do Edit

1. Write detailed information describing how various machinery and appliances work in the Andoverse

2. Create more pages relating to the Andoverse, make as realistic and plausible as possible

3. Completely rewrite the Hivemind series using both better information which relates to the Andoverse, and better writing styles (More breaks in the action, everything seems less fantasized)

4. Finish writing the entire series, add more information whenever needed 

5. Begin writing other stuffies

EXTRA: (Can be done anytime in between the list below) Design an actual website that can be used for the Andoverse

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